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Psst ... I was a beauty queen who flunked math. .  Bty, not everyone who
have problems with this and realted skills are fricking beauty queens:



Ja, and it works the other way too.  In college if one dressed in geek
costume, it was equivalent to claiming to be a math or engineering genius.
Everyone knows you need to be brilliant in some technical field to
legitimately dress retro-geek.

But occasionally a classmate would know I sucked at some particular
engineering or math skill, at which time one could lose status as an actual
geek, and would then be expected to dress fashionably.  Hey, it's the law.
So if one walked into a room full of actual geeks dressed in geek attire
(such as a calculator on the belt, horn-rim glasses and a pocket protector)
the alpha geek might look at one's costume and comment: You are lying!


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