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*Tyler Cowen – The Great Stagnation*
Tyler Cowen <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tyler_Cowen>, professor of
economics at George Mason University, gave everyone a wake-up call from the
sweet dream about future technologies. Cowen asserts that the US is
experiencing a stagnation in innovation that wasn’t apparent even just a
couple of generations ago (check out a similar talk he presented at TEDxEast
in May 2011 below). What’s more, science is losing its luster among the
general public for a variety of reasons, among them the growing gap in
income levels between scientists and those in other, more lucrative fields
such as finance. This has led to more and more of the brain power moving
away from the sciences at a time when innovation and invention are
desperately needed to get us past the problems that plague humanity. All
these factors put together mean a bleak future for the US unless things

Stefano Vaj
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