[ExI] deathless meat

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Thu Sep 1 16:06:24 UTC 2011


Let's hope they can work out this plan:




The article goes off on a tangent about how the meat from stem cells doesn't
taste good, but they ignore the enormous breakthrough it would be.  Imagine
for instance we manage to get the stem cells to convert simple sugars, which
can be manufactured relatively cheaply perhaps even without using plants,
and turn it into complex proteins.  That sounds a lot like what they have
done here.  If so, I think we can find a way around the problem of its not
tasting right without blood diffusing the tissue.  As far as I know, we
currently do not use the blood from farm beasts when they are slain.
Perhaps we could collect that stuff and figure out how to get the stem cells
to absorb it.  I don't know if it is used now however.  Have we any
slaughterhouse hipsters?  (Now there's a name for a heavy metal band.)




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