[ExI] spike turing test, was RE: ai class at stanford

Kelly Anderson kellycoinguy at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 04:24:48 UTC 2011

So here's a question.... which would be easier to program? The generic
Turing test "I'm pretending to be SOME generic human, and you can't
tell the difference" or the person specific test "I'm Paris Hilton,
and you can't tell that I'm not".

The generic human SEEMS easier because it doesn't have to have the
grammatical idiosyncrasies of an individual, but also putting together
specific facts from an individual's life might be easier... And if you
picked Paris Hilton, that would certainly be easier than picking, say,
Bill Clinton.

It's funny, because Ray K predicts that a synthesized video head will
pass the touring test faster than a chat bot, because we are so much
more inclined to believe our eyes if the video is photo-realistic. I
thought that was an intriguing possibility when I read it in TSIN (I
think it was TSIN).


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