[ExI] an old and dear long-missing friend found alive

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Sun Sep 4 21:05:40 UTC 2011


>>.Gregory Burch is alive and well!  Details at 11.  spike




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>.This is a freaky email.  Natasha





Apologies, I agree it violates my own guideline of avoiding placing a
person's name in the subject line.  What I meant was I had confirmed a
notion that Greg's email @ was not functional.  A bunch of us had posted to
him in the past few years and never heard back.  Turns out he wasn't
ignoring us, he didn't get those messages.  He is living in China, and their
IT infrastructure isn't as reliable as we fortunate ones have come to enjoy.


I heard from him this morning, but it was from a work address, and so I am
waiting for his permission before I post that email @ to the whole world.
Had it been a personal @, I would have just posted it here, for I know he
has many friends and fans among the old timers here.  Stand by, I hope to
hear back soon.  It is not yet dawn on that side of the world.





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