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Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Tue Sep 6 16:14:01 UTC 2011

On Tue, Sep 06, 2011 at 08:32:06AM -0700, spike wrote:

> I am OK with being sold as a product, 

I'm not. Consider what your health information is worth
to your insurers, or your posting history (and health info) 
worth to HR. 

Do you really want to give Zucker the power to track you
everywhere you go, and your broadband providers sniffing
and messing with your traffic based on their idea of maximizing
their profit? What about the IRS about hints of your 
underreported income? What about your utilities snitching
about your covert hydroponics operation, and feds accessing
your purchasing pattern on Amazon (do look at what else customers
who bought precision weights also bought)? What about feds
figuring you're hanging out with the wrong people, and decide
to put you on full telco surveillance, and significantly
bolstering your (already existing) database slot in Ft. Meade?
What about mobile providers giving full location log to LEOs
during demonstrations, so that they can make lists of potential
troublemakers? Do not people realize what realtime analysis
of mobile phone activity, location and past interaction history
means if you want to overthrow a corrupt system? That was a
rhetorical question. They're all babes, in the woods.
They won't even know what hits them. Including literal
hits from UAEs, as robots don't rebel when ordered to execute

> but not with becoming Syria.  I see
> mostly benefit in openness on the part of the masses. 
> >...Consider what openness buys you in Syria. You might find out the hard
> way that Syria is everywhere. Eugen
> Openness motivates the open hordes to not let Syria be everywhere.  It

The people who run Syria aren't open. The people who run Syria would
pick up the would-be leaders at night in their (suddenly brown-stained)
underwear, should these be so foolish to insist on openness. A culture 
based on openness is the worst handicap you could have if you're opposing 
people who grew up learning how to play dirty.

> motivates people to force governments to promote freedom as opposed to
> promulgating oppression as Syria does, along with plenty of other examples
> of oppressive government.

Centralism thrives on data mining. It gives them power assymmetry
over their naive, open hordes. And then, it's suddenly showers and delousing

If you think that Syria is the worst case, you should read
Vinge. Unlike what most people think, he doesn't write science
fiction. He's more into somewhat prescient documentaries.

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