[ExI] Shameless Self-Promotion Once More :-)

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Tue Sep 13 15:50:12 UTC 2011


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Subject: [ExI] Shameless Self-Promotion Once More :-)


Once Spike encouraged those of us who happen to publish a book not to
hesitate to mention the circumstance in the list, so I take him at his word.

Well, in my case it is just a booklet. eventually appeared online, namely at
http://www.biopolitica.it/biopinterv.html -- Stefano Vaj




Stefano, well done, me lad!  Promoting one's own books is always welcome
here, and I sure don't see why not: we promote our own ideas here, and that
is welcome, and a book is a paper version of our own ideas, therefore
promotion of one's book equals welcome.  Everyone do write good interesting
books, then promote away with Herr Moderator's full blessing and


Stefano I hope you sell  a jillion copies.  




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