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By Grabthar's Hammer!
You may be on to something here!...





>.Well, I've noticed people (jokingly, of course) saying "By the beard of
St.Aubrey!" and can't help but wonder what non-transhumanists might make of
it, especially if they don't understand that it's a kind of joke... 



I have never really gotten the whole Rip van Winkle beard thing he does.  He
is younger than I am, but with that enormous beard, oy.


Favorite Aubrey De Grey story: I was at a party after a local event a couple
years ago.  De Grey come up to ME (ja! HE came up to ME!) and started a
conversation.  I wouldn't have presumed to come to him, I would just assume
myself insufficiently free of suck.  But he came up to me, asking if I am a
calorie restrictor.  We went over, sat down and were talking, sitting on two
different sofas, others were listening.  Then Aubrey de Grey fell asleep.
On the couch, in the middle of a great techno-hipster party.  Truth.
Witness: Kennita Watson.



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