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>>... "I'm keeping you and your family in my thoughts. If there's anything I
can do to help: cooking, chores, bedside vigil, etc., please don't  hesitate
to ask."

>...That actually states the problem really well.

>...The religious can pray.  We can argue that it accomplishes nothing, and
all but the most ignorant prayers know it.  What is not up for serious
debate is the amount of effort that prayer involves: trivial to none.  So,
the religious are saying they are willing to undertake no real effort to
assist you in your hardship...What does an atheist offer, by comparison?
The honest equivalent would be hope and well wishes: same amount of effort,
no illusion that the atheist is actually doing much to help...  Adrian

Ja.  The best I could do was post well wishes on the site, then get my butt
out of my chair, go down to the Hallmark shop and pick out an actual card,
two actually, sign and send one of them, take the other around the
neighborhood and explain what happened, collect a mess of signatures and
write on the bottom "Red you have many friends and fans you never even met."
Waking up to find a pile of Hallmark cards might help.

Or waking up to read the well-wishes on your website.  Speaking of which, I
have half a mind to post the guy's URL.  I know you don't know him, but he
is hell of a good guy.  If you feel so moved, do post a line in there, no
need to mention my name.  His name is Red, he's an upstanding citizen, nice
guy, now expected to pull through but his riding days are probably over,
which is always a hell of a blow to any hardcore biker:


Don't pray, just post.  Takes about the same amount of time.  Or if you feel
uncomfortable with that and still want to wish a stranger recovery, post a
best wishes to me offlist and I will collect them all and post them there.

DAVIA!  thanks,


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