[ExI] A Nobel laureate and climate change

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>.To whatever extent human activity is warming the earth, *it doesn't
matter* especially to the extent that warming, or "climate change" is
being caused by carbon dioxide buildup.Keith


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Subject: Re: [ExI] A Nobel laureate and climate change


>.The projections of what will happen economically

without massive nuclear energy development is

not pretty.  Even if that effort began immediately

it is not clear it could happen fast enough. Dennis May



Dennis, the ExI group is the biggest bunch of mavericks you ever saw, but
your comment expresses the closest to a consensus on any topic I have seen
in my 14 yrs hanging out here.  I think nearly everyone here recognizes
nukes have risks but no-nukes is a still riskier path.  It was a dark time
for me when those Japanese plants failed in the tsunami.


We need to get with the program, building nukes, strato-solar or equivalent
notions, everything else we can think of, and (DAVAI)^3 get on it forthwith.





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