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>.Contrary to common wisdom, I suspect that people do not really care about
money. .What they invariably crave is power, status, and growth in those
areas, and "work" is simply the name in each given age of the activities
they perform to this end rather than for the pleasure of it. .-- Stefano Vaj



Ja.  Another way to look at it is this: many of us work for corporations, or
did.  When business is allowed to be free, then our work and our efforts to
create wealth are guided by those who are good at taking wealth and turning
it into more wealth.  In deals like Solyndra on the other hand, a government
investment, our efforts are being guided by those who are good at getting


When a billionaire invests in something that crashes, oh well, sigh, one
less billionaire, she lost her money.  But when the government invests in a
bust, they lost my money, and they lost your money.


Rich people are our friends.  Even if we are not one of them.  Especially if
we are not one of them.



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