[ExI] Quantum Computing Discussion Groups?

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Subject: [ExI] Quantum Computing Discussion Groups?


>.Anyone have a recommendation for a group to listen in on

discussions of quantum computing?  Most I have been

able to locate are the same as dead.Dennis May



Dennis the discussion groups you seek are either alive or dead, but
according to the Copenhagen interpretation, the groups are simultaneously
alive and dead.  The Many Worlds interpretation has the universe branching:
one universe exists in which the discussion group is alive, another parallel
universe in which the group is dead.  If you are a Many Worlds type, your
joining such a group steers our universe into the alive group branch, which
is the universe I prefer.  If you are a Copenhagener, then your joining a
dead group would remove the ambiguity, causing the quantum decoherence to
collapse into a live group.


Therefore, rather than seeking a live quantum discussion group, it is your
moral and ethical duty to intentionally join a dead group, for in that way
you have saved an unknown number of lives.  



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