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On Mon, Sep 19, 2011 at 08:04:44AM -0700, spike wrote:

> There is another home solar niche I have been thinking about: one that can

Niches will be filled up as industry matures. Growth rates like
are the opposite of maturity.

> be expanded with minimal installation cost.  Now we have these big panels
> that are costly and require an electrician to install.  So to get into the

Building your house takes an electrician. When I want to buy a house, I expect
the integrated photovoltaics being part of the turn-key system, just
the way I can get a Passivhaus or even a zero-energy house off-shelf.
Or you can outsource the thing to your architect, if yours is not a stock
design delievered turn-key.

> game costs many thousands of dollars up front.  What we need is some kind of
> solar product that can be started small and expanded a couple hundred
> dollars at a time, that can be installed by the homeowner.

There are inverterless (actually, built-in microinverters) which can
be bought and installed incrementally.

As to the skills required, electricity can and does kill. You don't
want your electric work done by a bozo.

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