[ExI] Automated black-box-based system design of unsupervised hyperintelligent learning systems

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This was kind of my thought too, though I suspect Mike meant something generally smarter and not merely an application of some method with more precision or rigor than you might have. For instance, people made calculators that could calculate better, faster, and more precisely than they could, but I don't think anyone would argue the calculator was smarter.
Still, I don't see any iron law of building smarter things -- that the thing built can only be as smart as the builder. There might be intuitive appeal for such a law, but I don't see why it must be so. It smacks of, to me, irreducible complexity -- or irreducible smartness. Also, Mike mentioned, IIRC, evolving something. Well, to me, evolution, in the Darwinian sense, seems a fairly un-smart process, but it does produce, or so current theory would have us believe, smart beings. Presumably, if one could take the road of evolving a smarter being, one could record the steps, figure out what made it smarter, remove the unnecessary steps, and then use that as a recipe for making smarter (then the builder) beings.*
* And building in general doesn't require complete understanding of everything involved. It's, on one level, just applying a recipe. Of course, building something new might involve coming up with the recipe, but, even then, it's unlikely the builder as inventor understands everything there is to know about the thing being build or even the process involved. Much of this is probably more like, "it worked then, so it'll work now" (applying an existing recipe) or "it should work in this way because similar things have been made in a similar way" (mildly innovative recipe).

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2011/9/19 Amara D. Angelica <amara at kurzweilai.net>:
>>... Does anyone know of a system for automated black-box-based system
design of unsupervised intelligent hyperintelligent learning systems?

>...You can't build something smarter than yourself...

Indeed?  It depends on how one defines the term smart.  Those who wrote
chess software reached a point where their own creations could beat the
pants off of them.  I myself wrote a Sudoku solver which can solve a couple
standard 3x3x3 puzzles per second.  That software can solve not only 3x3x3s
but higher order puzzles up through 14x14x14 sudokus.  I sure couldn't do
that in a reasonable amount of time.

Software isn't smarter than us at everything, but it is smarter than us at
an ever-growing collection of specific tasks.

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