[ExI] Nukes was less expensive energy

Kelly Anderson kellycoinguy at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 23:20:09 UTC 2011

Nukes have a PR problem bigger than that of marijuana... The cigarette
companies killed weed in the early 20th century, and it has never made
a legal comeback... Similarly, non-nuclear energy companies have
slandered nuclear to the point that it is unlikely to make a great

While I am a big fan of solar, it has serious problems. I am also a
big fan of wind, and it will win in niches, as will solar, tide, etc.
It will take a multi-faceted approach to win the energy war, and
everything will have to play it's part.

The interesting thing in this group is that nobody has brought up the
alternative fossil fuels in this conversation yet. Oil shales, poor
coals, and especially methane hydrates have a potentially important
future. The new methods for extracting natural gas, discussed at
length, are also very important. I'm afraid with all these things out
there, we're going to be pumping carbon into the atmosphere for a long

Of course, I also think that the overall cost of solar photovoltaics
is following an exponential curve downward, and as soon as people
start talking about neighborhood solar, rather than roof top solar, I
think we'll see a pretty big turnaround there. Will it be enough to
prevent the harvest of all that lovely methane on the deep ocean
floor? We'll see. Stay tuned.

I really do like nuclear, and oil, and all the other yummy sources of
energy. I like energy, and all of you do too, other than a few
socialist lunatics who are hypocrites. I've only ever heard of one guy
who really walked the walk... and he literally walked and sailed all
over the earth to prove his point.
Very inspiring lunatic.


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