[ExI] The Singularity, Politicians and the Great Debt

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Absolutely stupider than they look. Most of them can't even see past the next election cycle. And seriously, how many of them can even comprehend how important upcoming scientific and technological breakthroughs are going to change our lives for the better and actually embrace those changes rather than just seeing them as a way for them and their cronies to get even further 'ahead' of the little people?
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Subject: [ExI] The Singularity, Politicians and the Great Debt

I have a theory that I would like to get your opinions on...

It is clear to me that the debt being incurred by the United States
can not be paid off by a natural historical growth curve in the
economy... but that with an event like the Singularity, paying off a
$14 trillion dollar debt would become possible, perhaps even easy...
Do you think that our political leaders are aware of the possibility
of the coming Singularity and are depending upon that to pull our
grandchildren out of the mess they have created? Or do you think they
are really just as stupid as they look?

I await your learned opinions. Thank you.

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