[ExI] Faster than light??

scerir scerir at alice.it
Mon Sep 26 10:09:46 UTC 2011

> Say, that there was a tunel. It isn't, but say it was. In that case a laser
> beam could be send down from CERN to Grand Sasso and maybe it would be
> established, that the laser's photons are also too quick.
> In that case, it's just a possitioning error. Which may be reconsiderd
> without a tunnel. Less than 20 meters, why not. A fancy GPS error is not out
> of question. Should not be.
> And that error could be also a relativistic one. That would be irrony!

The MSW effect [1] causes the electron neutrino to have a different 
effective mass.  It's quite a strong effect (at least in the plasma of the 
sun).  Is it possible to have a MSW effect for neutrinos passing through 
the earth? The assumption being that neutrinos are more massive as 
they pass through the earth, thus explaining the high velocity being 
observed as compared to neutrinos propagating through the vacuum
or cosmic space.


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