[ExI] mbrains again: request

spike spike66 at att.net
Wed Sep 28 14:08:10 UTC 2011

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Subject: Re: [ExI] mbrains again: request

spike wrote:
>> ... if the MBrain does not exhaust a certain percentage of the star's
light on 
> the first reflection, the swarm cannot reach thermal equilibrium and 
> maintain temperatures ....

>...Just absorbing and re-radiating the luminosity as blackbodies produces a
nice equilibrium temperature as far as I can see - the star's envelope gets
a tiny fraction hotter, but nothing else. I need some extra hint here: has
this to do with the orbiting of the MNeurons?

Anders Sandberg,

Thanks Anders.  It isn't the envelope temperature that was the problem.
Rather it was the innermost MNeurons appeared to have insufficient view of
cold space to remain at a temperature low enough to operate a
microprocessor.  However, what I am checking now is if that problem is a
characteristic of the particular design I chose.  So here's my next task: I
need to create a model for the equilibrium temperature of each layer of
MNeurons as a function of the physical characteristics of the MNeuron, such
as thickness, diameter and so forth.

If the outer envelope is big enough, the temperature out there is plenty
cool.  It might be as simple as the innermost MNeurons need to orbit at a
sufficient radius and sufficient separation from the next layer to maintain
a temperature within the acceptable range.


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