[ExI] Problem with time travel WAS Faster than light??

Jeff Davis jrd1415 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 20:03:43 UTC 2011

First, a correction.  In my original post, at the end of the paragraph that
begins, "Let me explain", I wrote: "No such realms as past or present exist."

Should have been "...past or future."

2011/9/27 Dennis May <dennislmay at yahoo.com>:

> The concept of Planck-Time has been observationally discredited:
> http://www.moondaily.com/reports/Astronomers_Deal_Another_Blow_To_Quantum_Theories_Of_Time__Space__Gravity.html

This may be the case, or not, or it may not be relevant.  Clearly the
more detail ongoing research reveals about physics, the more
uncertainty arises.  The more we find out, the more questions we have
and the more uncertainty we acknowledge regarding physics "truth".

That said, I used the Plank scale notion because it has (or had) some
currency.  But my point doesn't need the Plank-scale notion.

My point was/is -- and I state it as a proposition for consideration,
not as an assertion -- time in bulk, time as history, is a mental
convention.  Past and future "exist" only as abstractions.  The source
of all our time-related notions comes from the iterative "reset" of
the universe from the current "now" state to the next "now" state.
This sequential reset somehow translates into the "rate of
progression" which we call time.

I'm only just starting to think along these lines.  If anyone wants to
jump in, have at it.  Even if only to tell me not to give up my day

Best, Jeff Davis

"For almost a century, quantum mechanics was like
a Kabbalistic secret that God revealed to Bohr, Bohr
revealed to the physicists, and the physicists revealed (clearly) to
no one. So long as the lasers and transistors worked, the rest of us
shrugged at all the talk of complementarity and wave-particle duality,
taking for granted that we'd never understand, or need to understand,
what such things actually meant. But today - largely because of
quantum computing - the Schrodinger's cat is out of the bag, and all
of us are being forced to confront the exponential Beast that lurks
inside our current picture of the world."
                  -Scott Aaronson

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