[ExI] Feasibility of solid Dyson Sphere WAS mbrains again: request

Dennis May dennislmay at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 30 01:34:51 UTC 2011

Anders Sandberg wrote:
> Mbrains will no doubt look quaint as we get 
> ever better ideas of how to  arrange matter to 
> do useful things, ...
I understand the attraction of central planning
and vast civilization constructs.  I'm just not
sure Mbrains are the way to use resources 
effectively or wisely.  As the value of the 
Mbrain rises so does the cost of insuring its 
safety - eating more and more resources
protecting it from threats without or within.
The cost of protecting it will be high because 
the investment is concentrated.  I do not believe
it can be hidden [stealth] or move about 
[nomadic] so it must exist in fortress mode.
Fortresses can be stable for long periods of
time - until technology renders them 
vulnerable.  It would seem a future driven view 
would anticipate that technology will move
faster and faster rendering a large fortress 
vulnerable before it can even be constructed.
That is part of why I took the Superstealth SND
approach instead many years ago.  Stealth, 
Nomadic, Dispersed.  Our present means
of industrialization depends largely upon
processes that are centralized in a manner
vulnerable to any number of problems.  Long
term survival "big-picture questions for human 
civilization" should look at long term stability
as a primary criteria.  I believe the Superstealth 
SND approach is fundamental to the
survival of any technological civilization.
It encompasses survival techniques learned
in nature and in modern military technology.
I am not interested in trashing the mbrain
concept - I'm sure many interesting ideas
have come out of it.  I have been interested
in the alternative Superstealth SND approach 
for a very long time and am more interested
in talking about what it has to offer.
I had not heard of the institute you work for
until now - interesting.  It reminds me of the
Perimeter Institute in some ways.  I am glad
you are willing to talk in a forum like this.
Many in academia are not so willing.
Dennis May
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