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Brent Allsop brent.allsop at canonizer.com
Sat Apr 21 15:46:15 UTC 2012


So, you want me to be your bitch, doing your bidding, or your out - not 
willing to help at all - otherwise?  I would be willing to do it, if 
there was enough money in what I wanted to do.  Sure, I can be bought.  
But I still think if we could find everyone interested in qualia and 
consensus building, we could way fund more than even a $billion, and we 
wouldn't be beholden to any morally bottle necked individual.  And I 
think it's still going to take a bit more than a $billion to discover 
and fully achieve phenomenal mind uploading.  (which, by the way would 
solve all world problems, including aging, disease, expensive, risky, 
space travel... making these early space efforts still a complete moral 
waist of time leading to the damnation of how many more people 
unnecessarily rotting in the grave?)

Sure, Thiel is doing great things, along with a bunch of other rich 
transhumanists like Branson hiring, Burt Rutan.  LIke hotel billionaire 
Robert Bigalow funding Bigelow Aerospace.  Gazilionar Jeff Greason 
starting XCOR, after his rotary rocket endeavors.  Like Amazon.com 
founder Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin....  But what have any of those lonely 
immoral bastards accomplished, working alone like that, really?  Even 
Thiel, with his billions, is just barely able to get a rocket to low 
earth orbit, and even then he still needs lots of forceful bickering 
government funding to do even that.  All this do it yourself thinking, 
everyone waring with all other hierarchies, trying to compete with, and 
convert or outcompete everyone else, so thay can be the bastard at the 
top of some waring hierarchy, all missing the real moral point and what 
is most important, first, is the big problem, and the only reason we're 
morally blindly achieving so little, while fighting and bickering so 
much, while we continue to rot our loved ones in the grave.

At least this latest effort is more than one gazillionare working 
together.  Do you think even a handful of gazillionares like this will 
be enough to do something real, like mining of asteroids?  I have my 
doublts, they'll likely quickly find some minor issue to disagree on and 
take a my way or the highway path.  But if we could get everyone on 
board, knowing and doing what everyone at the bottom truly wanted, in an 
amplification of the moral wisdom of the crowd,  consensus building way, 
then we could all work together to really accomplish something great.

Brent Allsop

On 4/21/2012 7:53 AM, spike wrote:
>> ... On Behalf Of Brent Allsop
> Subject: Re: [ExI] Finally!
>> ...Obviously, even if there is one billionaire he can't do much alone...
> Brent Allsop
> If one is a billionaire, one is never alone.  She can hire arbitrarily many
> brains to work on her ideas.  Example, Peter Thiel.  He is one of ours.  It
> is remarkable how having a ton of money causes people to see things your
> way.  Consensus quickly follows.
> Brent here's my offer: as soon as I make my first billion (US, not Zimbabwe
> dollars) I will hire you to head the Qualia Foundation for Consensus
> Building.
> spike

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