[ExI] The existence of Jesus (Was: Political Origins of Life)

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Well he is pretty undead as it is now, ascended to heaven and waiting to come back.  As for his cyborg qualities, he was enhanced by being made able to work all sorts of miracles, including curing the lame (stem cell spinal treatment), turning water into wine (advanced biochemistry) and raising the dead (full body repair in anticipation of Cryonics).  So yes, the fathers of the Church pretty much turned him from a dullard into an accomplished undead cyborg of his day ;-)  I wonder if they realise how transhumanist was their enterprise?
On 6 Feb 2012, at 16:39, Amon Zero wrote:

> 2012/2/6 Kryonica <kryonica at gmail.com>
> So there likely was a guy called Jesus but he was nothing like he is presented in the Christian religion.  That is why historians of the bible are not much liked by believers: they demolish the illusion!
> I don't blame them. This Jesus is *boring*. Can't he be undead or a cyborg or something?   ;-) 
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