[ExI] The existence of Jesus (Was: Political Origins of Life)

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Yes, except that Joshua of Nazareth was probably more charismatic than the
average Mr Jones of his days.  Kryonica


Ja, but what's with the notion of always having the dull average guy being
called Jones?  The Joneses typically stay ahead of most of the neighborhood,
giving rise to the popular comment "Keeping up with the Joneses."  This
makes it tough to stay ahead when one is a Jones, with eeeeeverybody out to
keep up.


I go with the notion that Jesus was a composite character.  Imagine we wrote
a composite character made of all the regular posters on ExI-chat, with a
union set of our areas of expertise, our attitudes, our everything.  Like
the Jesus composite, she would be one hell of a guy, ja?  They might still
be talking about us a couple thousand years later.



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