[ExI] Urgent: Position paper on mitochondrial DNA donation

Amon Zero amon at doctrinezero.com
Wed Feb 8 13:42:02 UTC 2012

Dear All -

The Nuffield Council on Bioethics in the UK has issued a call for position
papers on the ethics of donating mitochondrial DNA. This is an opportunity
to express transhumanist sentiment to an official body who are paying

Fabio Albertario of the UK Transhumanist Association has started some notes
toward a submission, and we would like to get constructive opinions from
anyone who would like to offer them. Because time is short - the paper is
sue later this month - we have set this up as a working section within the
ZS wiki. This means that rather than entertaining the usual convoluted list
conversations, people can cut to the chase and edit notes toward the
document directly.

Link to the wiki section is:

Using the wiki does not require ZS membership - this call has been sent out
to the lists of various futurist lists of different flavours. If you
haven't visited the wiki before, you will however need to request access
(it's not fully public, so we have the option of throwing out random public
trouble makers).

I do hope you consider pitching in to make the transhumanist / futurist
voice heard when it counts!

Amon Kalkin
on behalf of H+Action
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