[ExI] Jaw-dropping CWRU Alzheimer's breakthrough?

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Subject: Re: [ExI] Jaw-dropping CWRU Alzheimer's breakthrough?

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Subject: [ExI] Jaw-dropping CWRU Alzheimer's breakthrough?

>...Call me a silly blue-sky optimist.  At first I thought, "Is it April
1st?"  Then, "Holy sh*t!"
>...Drug quickly reverses Alzheimer's symptoms in mice 
>...Best, Jeff Davis

>...  We will overlook that other business, and this will give them a chance
to use their chemistry talent for something constructive...  spike

...and furthermore...

We often hear a comment about how we should be cautious about medical
studies on mice, how they aren't necessarily applicable yakkity yak and mice
are differ from humans bla bla.  Well, note that nearly all these kinds of
studies have to do with cancer research.  We know cancer is a bunch of
different things, and we know mice are different.  But other beast studies
not related to cancer are very helpful: in areas other than cancer, humans
are physiologically more similar to the other mammals.  For instance, the
same diabetes drugs for humans will help most other mammals with that

Beast brains are more similar to ours than their cancer cells are similar to
ours, at the neuron and synapse level.  So I would argue  Bexarotene is
worth a try even if we don't know everything.  In this case, humans would be
the ideal lab beast, because we already have an infrastructure in place to
assess the efficacy of the medication: family members to observe results,
memory tests in the form of everyday activities, a ready control group
(those who refuse to take any medication) everything we need to test this

Let's get on it!  Lets go!  DAVIA DAVAI DAVIA!


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