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2012/2/11 spike <spike66 at att.net>

>>.It is better to take a shot in the dark than to meekly die never having
fired one's weapon.

>.This is not really what dominant ideologies dictate. the important thing
is that it is not your fault, and that you have not attempted to play God.
-- Stefano Vaj


I fear you are right Stefano.  There's something else going on, an increased
urgency that may be more apparent to Californians.  I suspect we have
systematically underestimated the life penalty from smoking.  In my own
misspent youth, they estimated 3 to 5 years was the life penalty for
smoking, but estimates have risen over the years as data came in.  In
California, is it very rare to see a person smoking, and a lot less common
elsewhere.  Consequently there may be a loooot more boomers living to be
old, in which case Alzheimer's will hit us like a tsunami, causing costs of
those patients to dwarf other societal medical costs.



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