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Sat Feb 11 20:17:36 UTC 2012

On Sat, Feb 11, 2012 at 6:41 PM, spike  wrote:
> The next thing we need is to calculate or estimate the dosage.  For a first
> shot, I am trying to find out what dose they gave the mice, then scale it up
> linearly.  Would you estimate a mouse is about 50 to 60 grams?  So whatever
> the mice received, scale it up by a factor of about 1000?
> The medications which contain bexarotene supply the information of the
> concentration of the active ingredient, so it will be an easy calculation.
> Open to suggestion here.  The topic is temporarily open season, so your
> suggestion is free and welcome.

The dosage for cancer treatment has already been specified.
So I would start with their recommendations.

Especially as they warn to watch out for toxicity and reduce the
dosage if necessary.


The recommended initial dose of Targretin capsules is 300 mg/m2/day.
Targretin capsules should be taken as a single oral daily dose with a meal.

Targretin Capsule Initial Dose Calculation According to Body Surface
Area Initial Dose Level (300 mg/m2/day)
Body Surface Area (m2) 	Total Daily Dose (mg/day)
0.88 - 1.12 	                300 	
1.13 - 1.37 	                375 	
1.38 - 1.62 	                450 	
1.63 - 1.87 	                525 	
1.88 - 2.12 	                600 	
2.13 - 2.37 	                675
2.38 - 2.62 	                750

Dose Modification Guidelines: The 300 mg/m2/day dose level of
Targretin capsules may be adjusted to 200 mg/m2/day then to 100
mg/m2/day, or temporarily suspended, if necessitated by toxicity. When
toxicity is controlled, doses may be carefully readjusted upward. If
there is no tumor response after eight weeks of treatment and if the
initial dose of 300 mg/m2/day is well tolerated, the dose may be
escalated to 400 mg/m2/day with careful monitoring.

Duration of Therapy: In clinical trials in CTCL, Targretin capsules
were administered for up to 97 weeks.
Targretin capsules should be continued as long as the patient is
deriving benefit.


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