[ExI] H+ Census- why it matters to know if you matter.

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Mon Feb 13 04:37:19 UTC 2012

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Subject: [ExI] H+ Census- why it matters to know if you matter.
>...To give you an idea of what I mean, the Individual Health Insurance
Mandate has been voted into law in the U.S. and is going into effect in
2014... Stuart LaForge

It goes into effect only if the Supreme Court can find anything in the
constitution that grants the federal government the right to mandate that we
buy anything.  I have read that document word for word and have never found
anything in there that would suggest the fed has that authority.  If the
SCOTUS pulls some kind of rabbit out of the hat and decides there is
constitutional grounds for this, you still don't need to buy the insurance.
Just pay 750 dollars a year penalty for not having it.  If you get sick,
then buy the insurance.

If the SCOTUS upholds that law, it will not take very long after 2014 for
the insurance/medical system to collapse in a smoldering heap.  I predict it
will be overturned.

Regarding your original proposal: 

>...Does anybody have a clue how many total people are involved in
transhumanism-related movements in the United States and worldwide?

How do we define "involved in"?  In the making of a ham and eggs breakfast,
the cow and the chicken are involved, but the pig is committed to it.  I can
imagine plenty of people are generally favorable to the H+ movement, but
haven't actually committed personal funds to the matter. 


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