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On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 3:52 PM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:

>>.I pitched the notion to a group of aerospace engineers on 4 November
Their unanimous response was "huh?"  Followed by some quick calculations to
show that yes it is theoretically possible, followed by what the hell
difference does it make, what we can do 20 million years from now?

>.Those engineers were confused because your pitch lacks sufficient examples
of in-flight entertainment and similar amusing distractions.  Perhaps you
could spend a bit more time on the computational power in terms of modern
metrics - like how many Blue-Ray DVD-equivalences you could store or how
many Library of Congresses (LoCs) you can transfer from one side of the
M-Brain to another each second.  Whether you propose that the amount of
speed (per conscious entity) is orders of magnitude faster than humanity is
currently operating or opt instead for the 20 million years to one
subjective hour so you don't get bored on the way... it's personal
preference.  It'd be the cruise of a lifetime... or several million
lifetimes... Mike



Very much to the contrary on all points Mike.  This scheme provides the
ultimate in-flight entertainment and amusing distractions: everything we
have now and everything we will develop in the next 20 million years.  Life
goes right along as before, evolving, uploading, whatever we want to do,
completely transparent to the users down here other than it obscures some of
the light from the distant stars.  I wouldn't like that part, but most
people seldom or never go out on a clear night and look up anyway.  These
tragic lost souls miss out on the sheer awe and wonder of it all, the mind
boggling openness of the endless cosmos, WOW!  


But this notion is an example of a process that in principle could continue
even if we go retro and become something about halfway between a current
human and a chimp, ook ooking around in the trees and fighting over bananas.
The MBrain could quietly drag us along, and deposit nodes as we pass the
next star, so that our mind children will continue outward and onward, with
or without us.



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