[ExI] good bexarotene article

spike spike66 at att.net
Wed Feb 15 23:28:25 UTC 2012

>... On Behalf Of spike

>>...If I had a loved one with Alzheimer's and I couldn't get the drug
"conventionally", I'd be puttin' on my black Ninja gear and Balaclava and
headin' down to the local Walgreens at three in the morning.  A man's gotta
do etc.  Jeff

>...We are looking at a run down to Mexico.  I hear they can get a lot of
stuff a lot easier than we can...  

Hmmm, OK so I am reading some of the chatter on the AD sites.  Apparently
this is not as simple as a run down to Tijuana.  If you manage to get some
Targretin that way, and you give it to your family member and that family
member dies, you may have bigger problems on your hands than just funeral

>...You run a high risk of counterfeit medications that way...

That's another thing.  An alternative is to buy Targretrin from cancer
patients who have legitimate prescriptions already in place, although that
too is technically illegal.  

Sheesh this is a complicated problem.

Ow, discouraging realization, it's been six days since the Scientific
American article came out.  Surely someone somewhere has done this test by
now.  If it worked in humans the way it does in mice, we would likely have
heard it by about Sunday afternoon.   


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