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>...Hey cool, I found this on wiki:

>>...Bexarotene is a solid, white powder. It is poorly soluble in water; the
solubility is estimated to be about 10-50 µM. It is soluble in DMSO at 65
mg/mL and in ethanol at 10 mg/mL with warming.[3]

So if bexarotene therapeutic dose is about 75 mg, it takes about 7.5 mL of
alcohol to dissolve that, so if all of that goes in the bloodstream and a
typical person has about 5 liters of blood, then her BAC is .15, ja?  So she
cannot drive for a while, she's nearly twice the legal limit, but hey, most
of us here have been at .15 at some time in our lives, or are there fairly
regularly.  If that is what it takes, pass the warm beer.

If it does work out this way, my irony meter would be pegged.  My AD family
member is a super strict Seventh Day Adventist.  The three most important
guiding principles of the SDA health message are NO tobacco, NO caffeine,
and of course NO ALCOHOL of any kind!  The Alzheimer's community has been
recommending caffeine for AD patients, and the interim drug of choice has
been nicotine patches.  Now if it turns out that the best way to take
affordable bexarotene is by dissolving it in alcohol, they will suspect that
the whole thing is a clever trick dreamed up by Satan to cause the saints to
lose their way just before it is time to check into heaven.


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