[ExI] Jaw-dropping CWRU Alzheimer's breakthrough?

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2012/2/18 spike <spike66 at att.net>:

>>...the lack of signal causes me to conclude the promise of bexarotene was
apparently a mirage.

>...I'm inclined that way as well.  Yet there are some problems with that

>...If indeed the CWRU results provoked many individuals to obtain
bexarotene last week and administer it off-label -- and fail to achieve any
positive result -- then wouldn't there be a negative announcement?  Wouldn't
someone, of the many you are supposing
**must** have tried this and gotten the "fail" result, wouldn't one of these
persons have reported it?

One would surely think so.  A negative result is a result.  Check this:


This site is exactly what I was yammering about a couple days ago,
eHealthMe: Real world drug outcomes.  From that site:

This is a study of Dementia alzheimer's type among people who take Targretin
(bexarotene). The study is created by eHealthMe based on reports from FDA
and user community. 

On Feb, 18, 2012: 369 people reported to have side effects when taking
Targretin. Among them, 0 people (0.00%) has Dementia Alzheimer's Type.

Time on targretin when people have Dementia alzheimer's type * :

Gender of people who have Dementia alzheimer's type when taking targretin *

Age of people who have Dementia alzheimer's type when taking targretin * :

Severity of Dementia alzheimer's type when taking targretin * :

Top conditions involved for these people * :
Top co-used drugs for these people * :
* Approximation only. Some reports may have incomplete information.

>...Frankly, I'd still go with the plan: get some, and administer the
safe-for-skin-cancer dose. Get some genuine first-person "in vivo"
data.  Then get back to me.  Enough with the guessing.   Best, Jeff Davis

That's where we are still heading, although the doctor is reluctant.  We are
hoping to set up some kind of at least partially controlled experiment,
possibly with firsthand semi-trained observations, which would require
moving the grandparents to where I can make measurements.  Never give up
hope friends.  It is better to take a shot in the dark rather than die never
having fired one's weapon.


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