[ExI] Rule of Law or of Men?

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> >I?m still stuck by the reference the the ?medial labial? connotation ?
> >>
> >Speaking of ladies, I studied the subject for my entire adult life, yet I
> am not aware of anything else than outer labia and inner labia. :-)
> But that is exactly what Wikipedia was saying. When wifmen?evolved
> into?women, they lost their medial labia. Unless you were lifting skirts
> back in Roman-occupied Brittania, you would never had seen them.
> ?
> Stuart LaForge

I'm not sure how many of you are being serious about the medial labial
reference, but in the event that someone out there is confused about the
meaning, I'll clear it up. I learned this in a linguistics class in college
and probably haven't used it since. Labial refers to the oral place of
articulation in phonetics. Others are 1. Exo-labial, 2. Endo-labial, 3.
Dental, 4. Alveolar, 5. Post-alveolar, 6. Pre-palatal, 7. Palatal, 8.
Velar, 9. Uvular, 10. Pharyngeal, 11. Glottal, 12. Epiglottal, 13. Radical,
14. Postero-dorsal, 15. Antero-dorsal, 16. Laminal, 17. Apical, 18.
Sub-apical. In practice, one  combines that with the manner of articulation
to describe sounds such as labiodental fricative, which is the "f" sound in
the word foxtrot, and labiodental nasal, which is the "m" sound in the name
Mike. In the context of the evolution of the word woman, I think the text
is referring to the consonants literally in the middle of the word "werman"
merging, which is confusing because at first I thought it was referring to
a specialized category of the labial place of articulation. However, those
are limited to Bilabial, Labial-velar, Labial-coronal, Labiodental, and
Dentolabial. There is no medial-labial.
*You may now resume the innuendo, which I am thoroughly enjoying. ;-)
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