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>...As we trans from who we are to who we will become, we necessarily bring
with us those questions that yet remain unanswered.  The spiritual reality
of beauty is for some all the answer they need, for others it is a clue, and
for others still, a light guiding the way.  I marvel at the one-of-a-kind
nature of our adventure.  Multiverse speculations notwithstanding, we in our
moment, humanity all along the path of its adventure, and the universe
itself from big bang to the misty "distance" of the future shrouded beyond
the veil of Maya, happens one time only, is just so, no replays, no
revisions, no video tape.  As with all who went before, this is our moment,
our one unique moment, and I would ask how is it that we are so
extraordinarily, uniquely lucky to this be our moment, a moment poised on
the brink of human transformation, poised to seek answers beyond the reach
of the awakened minds of those who came before?  Poised to leap beyond what
we are?  "Lucky, lucky, lucky."

Jeff, this passage and plenty of others you have written has made you the
transhumanist poet laureate.

>...And Spike, my friend, the experience of beauty is a gift of sentience,
humans are intermittently sentient, and transhumanists are intermittently
human.  Ergo, you submission is fully-freighted with transhumanist
relevance.  Best wishes to all for the new year, Jeff Davis

Best wishes to you too Jeff, and to all our transhumanist family.  


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