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>>.  The Iraq occupation may be used in the future as a historical guide to
why occupation is a bad idea.

>.Now, I understand that the US spent 800 or 1000 billion dollars altogether
in order to reach a rather instable solution regarding a few spare oil wells
formerly in the hand of Saddam Hussein. .In the meantime, it took a
consortium of 10 countries to put together a scant 10 billion in order to
slowly build ITER in the South of France. Stefano Vaj


And yet, seldom is the premise questioned.  We were told a thousand times
that the invasion of Iraq was all about oil.  In retrospect it is clear
enough to me that is was never about oil.  Iraq never had enough of it to
justify that invasion and subsequent marginally successful attempts at
nation building.  Apparently the invasion really was about nukes.  If it
really was all about oil, where is all this oil we were supposedly trying to


With the advantage of retrospection, once the allies convinced themselves
there were no nukes, the right thing would have been to just pack up and
leave, in the fall of 2003.  The Iraqis could have kept Saddam if they
really wanted him.  I don't see that the world gained much of anything by
toppling him, but the price was enormous.


Perhaps that entire misadventure is shaping our actions with regard to Iran



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