[ExI] Zen (Was: Morality and function fitting)

Ben Zaiboc bbenzai at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 3 15:43:20 UTC 2012

Anders wrote:

>Zen might have a point:
>'Master Kyogen said, "It is like a man up a tree who hangs from a branch
>by his mouth. His hands cannot grasp a bough, his feet cannot touch the
>tree. Another man comes under the tree and asks him the meaning of
>Bodhidharma's coming from the West. If he does not answer, he does not
>meet the questioner's need. If he answers, he will lose his life. At
>such a time, how should he answer?"'

Um, by pointing at the tree in his mouth and rolling his eyes?

Zen can be so stupid sometimes.  I'm with Bart Simpson ("the sound of one hand clapping?  Easy!":  <Bart claps one hand>)

Ben Zaiboc

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