[ExI] seemingly big advance in electrical energy storage

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Sat Jan 7 21:19:47 UTC 2012

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Subject: [ExI] seemingly big advance in electrical energy storage

>...Serious multiples of energy storage capacity -- apparently.  Cheap
non-toxic materials, they seem to say.  Easy (cheap) and environmentally
benign manufacturing methods kind of implied.  Unsaid, but pondered, "Does
the greater capacity translate to ***LIGHTER*** energy source/storage module
(formerly "battery pack")?
...Best, Jeff Davis

Jeff I hope it is true, but I think not.  When it says "holds 20 times the
charge" I assume they mean per unit mass?  They don't say.  If not mass,
then 20 times the charge per what?  If per unit mass, the claim is way
beyond believable.


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