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Sun Jan 8 09:26:04 UTC 2012

On 2012/1/7 Natasha Vita-More enquired:
> Does anyone know how Google Scholar selects its material?

The short answer is 'Nobody knows' because Google does not provide a
list of sources that it uses in its search or criteria used in
identifying material as scholarly or say how often they are

However, most universities provide guidance to their students on how
to search through their own library and databases using Scholar.
Follow the steps below to access the online full-text of articles to
which the University Libraries subscribes.
   * From Google Scholar select Scholar Preferences
    * Go to the Library Links section, enter University of South
Carolina, and then click Find Library.
    * Select University of South Carolina - USC Columbia eText

>From other sites:
Google Scholar is a search engine which provides access to resources
across a range of subjects. Resources include abstracts, conference
proceedings, technical reports, peer-reviewed papers, articles,
theses, preprints and books. Search results from Google Scholar are
not always scholarly or peer-reviewed. For instance, articles in The
New York Times are found in Google Scholar, yet this is not a refereed
journal but rather a newspaper publication. Always evaluate your
Though Google Scholar can be an excellent research tool for freely
available materials or materials subscribed to by our Library, it is
not a comprehensive search. Google Scholar only searches the materials
it has indexed. Consider using other Library resources, such as the
databases, to find additional information. If you need additional
direction in determining what databases to search, contact a

This page seems useful:


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