[ExI] Dates for Alcor 2012 conference -- conflicts?

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Mon Jan 9 20:01:13 UTC 2012

Max, it isn't the when that is as critical as the where.  In Scottsdale?




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Alcor Foundation will be holding its first conference in five years in 2012
(Alcor's 40th year). I want this to be a bit different from previous Alcor
conferences, with a diverse range of speakers, some debates, and plenty of
time to socialize.

Since subscribers to ExI-Chat between them have an excellent knowledge of
upcoming events that might conflict, I'd appreciate your feedback. Which of
the following dates look good to you and which conflict with other events
that might draw the same individuals?

October 13/14

October 20/27

October 27/28

November 3/4

November 10/11

November 17/18

November 24/25

Thank you,



Max More, PhD

Strategic Philosopher

Co-editor, The Transhumanist Reader

CEO, Alcor Life Extension Foundation

7895 E. Acoma Dr # 110

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

480/905-1906 ext 113


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