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>> Before unleashing nematodes on the Northwest US, might I suggest 
>> something slightly less high tech? Geese. The only question is whether 
>> the geese would eat your crop. If not, they might just do the trick!
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>A friend of mine has two pet ducks.  It is extremely difficult to find a
surviving snail or slug in his backyard. 
And putting one anywhere near the ducks ensures its intant demise. :)

>Very few other large insects too.  As a side benefit duck poo is apparently
excellent fertilizer.  :)  -David.

We have Canada geese, but they cannot get to anywhere but the perimeter of
the field.  These come through on their migrations twice a year.  The
oilseed crop is too dense for birds to get in there.

If anyone can figure out how to get an oilseed crop to prosper, it could be
a minor contributor to the world's energy problem.  Oilseed is used to make
a light oil which can be used for fuel and could have plenty of industrial
uses in addition to being a food crop.


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