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On 10 January 2012 11:13, Kelly Anderson <kellycoinguy at gmail.com> wrote:

> While I'm not defending the US invasion of Iraq by any means, I think
> it is a bit of a stretch at this point in history to say it was a bad
> thing for the Iraqi populace overall. Saddam is the worst thing ever
> to happen to Iraq in modern times.

Mmhhh. Certainly, many people are of the opinion that Iraq used to be a
pretty peaceful country before i) the Iran war fomented by the US ii) the
Kuwait invasion and the first Gulf War, including the Kurd civil war once
more fomented by the US  iii) the second Gulf War. How many military
operations or terrorist attacks or civilian casualties do you count before

Iran is a terrible threat to world peace.

Let me see.

How many countries did Iran attack in the last century?

How many military expeditions abroad did it launch?

How many terrorist attacks on foreign ground?

Zero? Well, the same cannot be said for western countries and their allies,
I dare say. See, just for today,

But, hey, just like some western countries, *and* Israel, it would like to
get nuclear before the oil ends up. And, yes, probably in order to
sanctuarise its territory as well. Are they really wrong about that?

In fact, most Iranian patriots, including shah nostalgics, are on the same
line of US patriots about that. Only, I am not aware of people there
theorising that nuclear attacks could be a good idea to defeat "terrorist
threats", to penetrate heavily hardened bunkers, etc.

Stefano Vaj
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