[ExI] RES: future ape haulers: the tata nano

spike spike66 at att.net
Thu Jan 12 17:08:30 UTC 2012

>>...But what about interference on other cars? Can I prevent ... Henrique

>...No way Jose!  That's the game, you go up next to the other guy and see
if you can get your car to screw with his.  That would be so cool, go to the
junkyard, find a controller for a different car...  spike

When you read comments like the above, keep in mind that you and I are
genetic descendants of guys like these, specifically the winners:


This is one thing I think the mass transit people really are missing: they
don't get that our individual cars are our suits of armor, our iron steeds,
perhaps soon to be plastic steeds.  

The above video clip allows one to find the true geeks among the crowds of
pretenders.  If anyone at a SF Con or any ExI-schmooze utters the comment
"You fight with the strength of many men, Sir Knight..."  all the true geeks
know the rest of script by heart, and can even do the accents reasonably

Genetically, we are those guys.


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