[ExI] Bees again

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On Thu, Jan 5, 2012 at 1:17 AM, spike wrote:
> Thanks Bill.  As I did in 2007, I am seeing a number of dying 
> honeybees, staggering about on the ground.  Now I have an idea...

And now

>...Note: France and Germany have already banned these insecticides to
protect their honeybees.

>...Spike, it would be ironic if it turned out to be your own agricultural
insecticides that were killing honeybees.


Not my own.  We are doing labor-minimalizing farming, which means the kinds
of crops that don't need insecticides.  I am seeing the dying bees down here
in my neighborhood in the SF Bay Area.  The bees do great up there in
Oregon.  In fact we rented space in those fields to nurse some feeble hives
back to health.  The bees go crazy for oilseed pollen.  You never saw so
many happy bees up there.  People who are afraid of bees freaked out,
wouldn't go on the property.



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