Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Sat Jan 14 13:42:18 UTC 2012

Il 13/01/2012 17:17, Dan ha scritto:
> Is this relying on a weak force interaction? From the vid, it looks like
> they're adding in neutrons and these are decaying, releasing an electron
> (and a not shown neutrino) along with the attendant energy. Sounds like
> a good idea, though the neutron source itself would be a safety problem,
> especially if this is scaled up, no?

Apart there isn't a real neutron source, only a "virtual neutron"

In some way the hydrogen nucleus enter the nucleus of nickel by-passing
the Coulomb Barrier. Apparently this produce a Nickel or Copper atom in
an "eccitated state" that then decades to a stable state and release low
energy gammas that are easily shielded and thermalised.

No neutron needed or produced by the reaction.

About this Focardi was clear.


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