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>...If you want to stay connected to the mainstream culture, and if that
culture accelerates substantially faster than what can be supported by a
human brain, you will be forced to give up slow bodies/brains and move into
a simulation.  This has awful consequences with respect to humans even
spreading out in the solar system, much less trying to go interstellar.

Ja, this realization is what caused me to suggest a variation of the MBrain
a few years ago, which is the SBrain.  It uses the nodes from an MBrain, but
instead of orbiting a star, they cluster more tightly and orbit as a
cluster, perhaps the size of Saturn, in a collective orbit somewhere.  Such
a structure could coexist with an MBrain, vaguely analogous to a swarm of
bees on the move.  I can envision a few trillion such nodes collected in a
region of space such that any one node is less than a tenth of a light
second from any other.  If a few trillion nodes exist in this  less than a
milli-cubic light second region of space, it would be so sparse as to be
invisible to an outside observer.  An object passing through the SBrain
would be quite unlikely to hit anything.  But the SBrain would have a far
lower latency in communicating with the other nodes.

Even if the SBrain compacted another order of magnitude to further reduce
latency, such that the diameter is a Luna-like hundredth of a light second,
the few trillion nodes in the resutling micro cubic light second would still
be a diaphanous wisp of matter, orbiting unnoticed inside the MBrain,
yakking away with itself, vaguely analogous to a highly populated but
compact city in an otherwise sparsely populated region.


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