[ExI] Perception of time

Ben Zaiboc bbenzai at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 24 17:36:29 UTC 2012

Anders Sandberg <anders at aleph.se> wrote:
> On 23/01/2012 19:49, BillK wrote:
> > If your suggestion is correct, then it also implies
> that life is 
> > extremely rare and we are the first of that type of
> life in the 
> > galaxy. The age of the galaxy allows plenty of time for
> the galaxy to 
> > have been colonised many times over, even at sub-light
> speeds.
> It is worse than that. My colleauge Stuart Armstrong and me
> are 
> presenting a paper next week where we show that massive
> intergalactic 
> colonization seems to be feasible - it is possible to spam
> the universe 
> with your civilisation. Which means that the Fermi question
> just gets 
> tougher.

As a member of a species that seems to find it infeasible to even colonise a single moon 1/4 of a million miles away, I'd like to see that paper!

Ben Zaiboc

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