[ExI] Panbiogenesis

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On 25/01/2012 14:45, The Avantguardian wrote:
>> Well at 400,000 g's acceleration, I was thinking more about supernovae 
>> shockwaves than meteor impacts. But I agree that the evidence is tenuous.

>Well, in supernovae the problem is heating rather than acceleration...

I haven't done the calcs on this, but a supernova would also send out an
enormous wave of neutrinos.  The tiny fraction of them that interact with
the matter in the life forms would cause all manner of problems, ja?

>...I wonder if anybody has run a hydrocode on what happens to a terrestrial
planet subjected to its sun going supernova? It would be interesting to see
if any material is ejected that is not subjected to extreme heating and
radiation... Anders Sandberg

Life on the night side at the time of the supernova might have a chance
against everything except the neutrinos, which would pass through the planet
and zap everything, regardless of the size of the planet.  I'm pretty sure a
supernova sterilizes everything in the stellar neighborhood.


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