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On Sat, Jul 7, 2012 at 11:06 PM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:
>>... This time it really is different.  There is a lot riding on this 
> election, and if there is suspicious activity and a disputed outcome, 
> we face real trouble.  The hell of it is, we are doing this to ourselves
> I don't understand that.

>...Those with the power to do something about it, do not believe that we do
face real trouble from their shenanigans...
Now, if we had a president who had actually done a lot more of what Obama
promised back in 2004, and he lost out on a second term in a way that
convinced most people it was due to this kind of fraud, then we might have a


Ja, who would have guessed that one?  Obama turned out to be nearly
identical to Bush43.  The only real change I can see is that medical
insurance companies have been struck down.  They will be required to sell
insurance to anyone regardless of health, and yet the small tax incentive
for healthy people to buy insurance is vastly insufficient to bring in large
numbers of new healthy customers into the insurance office.  Result: health
insurance companies must fail.

>... worst that is likely to happen is the same sporadic civil disobedience
that has happened since Obama took office...

The Occupy movement?  That was the only example I saw of civil disobedience,
and that never amounted to much of anything.  Once the weather warmed up, I
expected it to really get rolling, but instead it fizzled to nothing as far
as I know.

Perhaps my premise is wrong: there really isn't much riding on this


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