[ExI] self-driving cars again

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> WOW Excellent.  Almost as if Gerdes read my mind, he has a picture at 50
> seconds into the video of what I was describing yesterday: a half scale
> sprint car.

I thought you would enjoy that part.

> He starts out my talking about times when you are driving where your mind
> really isn't on the task.  Cars are so easy to operate, especially if you
> have automatic transmission, they take very little brain activity, but
> riding a motorcycle safely requires attention and at least a few brain
> cycles.  Over the years on four occasions I have been out riding and decided
> my concentration was insufficient for the task, so in all four cases I
> turned around and went back home.

You are a wise man Spike. Thanks for staying with us.

> This is an exciting new thing.  I have always loved car racing, but even I
> have to admit it does get boring, even to enthusiasts.  This notion of robot
> racing is really cool Kelly, thanks.

You're welcome Spike. I was a big fan of Robot Wars and the like, and
always yearned for an autonomous version of that sport. I hope they
have it one day. Sadly, even the future version of robot wars as
presented in Real Steel did not feature autonomous robots. I rather
believe the future of robotic competition will be more and more
autonomous. Otherwise, it's just remote control competition, not true
robotic competition. I would hope that the public could appreciate the


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