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Mon Jul 16 16:00:31 UTC 2012

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>...  People would buy tick... THAT'S IT!  This is one HELLLLL of a
spectator sport!  We could have proles on the insides of the turns so they
aren't in much danger, have them kick in five bucks for it, or up on the
cliffs twenty feet above the road, a series of bikes released every couple
minutes like Isle of Man time trials.  We could set up betting and so forth.
This is the new NASCAR, except quieter and cleaner.



Hey I had an even better idea.  That road up to Mount Hamilton would be
great for the big race, but I know of several other roads right close by
which could be closed all weekend for testing robo-cars and bikes.  One is
called Old Calaveras Road, in the hills to the north and east of Milpitas
and San Jose:


There's a rock quarry up along that road but it is closed on weekends.  We
could perhaps get them to close the road to traffic all weekend and use it
to work out the bugs on all those experimental soap-box derby cars for

Besides Old Calaveras Road, there is Uridias Ranch Road which the owners
might be willing to close for the racer lads.  When you look at that range
of hills east of San Jose, you see we could make a dirt course anywhere up
there, a serpentine dirt road about 5 miles long, coming down off of there,
with a road to the top for the participants.  We could set up bleachers for
paying spectators and such.  

Those hills aren't good for much of anything but cattle grazing now and very
few of those: they are too steep for crops or houses and cannot be
effectively irrigated.  We could make a closed course which proles would pay
five bucks to let their experimental cars and bikes race down, use it to
tune up their self-driving car software.  We could make a buttload of money
and advance technology at the same time, or rather, *you* could advance the
technology while *I* make the buttload of money.

Ohh, sooo kewallll...


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